Our Background

The Cycler. The Artist. The Oldest Daughter. The Youngest Daughter. That's us, A Perfectly Imperfect family of 4. We are just Two Down to Earth people trying to do our part in raising Cyclist Safety awareness in our community; while enlisting the efforts of our 2 Teen daughters (trying our best to ensure they are Good Humans not Crappy Millennials.) One night while hanging out together, we had a conversation about the cyclist deaths happening in San Antonio and how it's getting out of control. The senseless death of Naji Kayruz hit home the most for Us.  At the time, Strava logged Walt, The Cycler, at the scene where Mr. Kayruz was killed, 44 times. Meaning 44 times a drunk or just distracted motorist could've hit him. 44 times it could've been Walt's life. And 44 times this perfectly imperfect family life we have built could have been shattered.  Then in April, another local cyclist was killed, Tito. The news of this horific crime did it for us. Walt is a dad, a son, a partner, a friend, so many other nouns, but especially, A Cyclist. And that is the same for all Cyclists- every Cyclist is Somebodys' Somebody. So we decided to create GIVE 3 FT awareness Magnets, to display where motorists will see our message-- on the back of another car! One thing lead to another and before we could blink- 200 magnets were sold! The cycling community rallied, and soon we felt an obligation to continue to grow our campaign of "Give 3 Feet." This has become our passion and commitment. We create awareness merch. We want to make sure motorists know how to keep Cyclists- Every Kind of Cyclist- safe while sharing the road. Motorists need to know it's the law to GIVE 3 FT when passing a Cyclist- not only here in San Antonio, TX but in so many cities across this country! So- Create the opportunity for some Oblivious Motorist to ask you "Alright-- What's with the Give 3FT stuff I keep seeing?!" Display Your GIVE 3 FT merch proudly & sieze every opportunity YOU get to educate. Together, we just might save the life of a Cyclist-- The life of Your Cyclist, Your Mom, Their Dad, His Brother, Her Partner.... 

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