Has been cycling About 5 years.
I started off as a runner, but after I got a bike I thought "If I can just learn to swim, I can do triathlons!" I started biking more and more and enjoyed the freedom it gave me to see places I may never see on foot or in a car. When I started doing really well in triathlons (especially the bike portion,) I knew this would become a passion of mine. 

I've never lost a friend due to a vehicle accident, but one of my good friends was struck and had to have her leg amputated due to a drunk driver striking her while on a bike. 

Give3FT means just being more aware - whether you are a cyclist or a motorist, you have a responsibility to keep your head on a swivel and share the road. 3 feet is a safe distance for passing cyclists in a vehicle to ensure that he or she has a safe and enjoyable ride. That cyclist is me. That cyclist is your sister, your father, your cousin. That cyclist just wants to enjoy their time outside, without being afraid of being yelled at, being taunted, being hit. Give3FT! We can all share the road.