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JAMES DuBOIS III, from dallas, tx

Has been living in San Antonio, TX since 2001; and has been cycling for 7yrs.

Many things over the years have increased my passion for riding.  Everything from riding with my kids, my wife, my brother.  Traveling to different cities with friends and exploring - nothing is better than doing that by bike.  Then of course training hard and winning races.  So many things about bikes to be passionate about. I have had many friends injured badly by vehicles and just recently a good friend, Tito Bradshaw, lost his life by being struck by a drunk driver (4/1/2019.)  That has hit everyone hard. 

I'd say that the majority of vehicles try to give us (cyclists) room when passing.  However there is a lot of people uneducated on how and when to pass.  Many just see a bike and think "oh I've gotta hurry and get around them" not thinking that it's on a hill or a bend.  Then, others just don't care or are distracted by something else, most notably their cell phone.  What people need to realize is that by giving us a minimum of 3ft, their commute (and ours) will go far more smoothly.  I always tell people, the next time You are behind a group of cyclists and are annoyed because You have to slow down and wait until you can pass by, to start counting.  
I can almost guarantee that it won't be more than 10 seconds before You can pass the group.   

If You're in such a hurry that 10 seconds means more than a person's life, then You're the problem. 

Much Love, thanks for thinking of me for this movement.